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                The fragrance line was created based on the many requests of my customers, and starts with the same natural base of Coconut, Olive, and?Palm Kernel oils that have made our essential oil soaps so popular. We then add cosmetic grade fragrance oils to create these unique scents that cannot be produced using environmently?sound methods or are not available in essential oils.

                Cucumber and Almond

                The crisp green aroma of a freshly sliced cucumber with a hint of almond oil refreshing, revitalizing.

                4.5oz $5.85

                Julian Apple Pie

                Earth Dance pays homage to our hometown of Julian with this scent, crisp, freshly picked apples, added spice and a touch of cinnamon welcoming the colors of Fall.

                4.5oz $5.85


                Mountain Lilac

                Bring back childhood memories with the heady scent of mountain lilacs in full Spring Bloom.

                4.5oz $5.85

                Orange Blossom

                Inspired by the Orange Groves of the San Pasquel Valley. The clean scent of the first burst of Summer.

                4.5oz $5.85


                Summer Peach

                Nothing says Summer like bitting into a fresh peach or enjoying a bowl of peach cobbler, subtle sweet taste of the season.

                4.5oz $5.85

                Contact Info: info@earthdancesoaps.com 17647 Oak Lane, Julian CA 92036 760-765-2969
                Copyright ? Earth Dance 2016