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                Natural, botanical soaps created with the finest natural ingredients; pure organic vegetable oils and nut butters, aromatic essential oils and fresh herbs, wildcrafted and/or organic.


                Enriched with moisturizing Mango Butter, Andros is a warm blend of Bay and spice essential oils, that gently cleanse and protect your skin.

                4.5oz $6.25

                Coconut Mandarin

                Fresh, sun-drenched aromas of Bergamot and Mandarin, with traces of sweet, tropical coconut, gently cleanse your skin while Virgin Coconut Oil helps retain moisture and vital nutrients.

                4.5oz $6.25


                Fresh Garden Mint

                Mint plays a large part in Nature's Apothecary. It calms upset stomachs, relieves headaches and in the case of our soap, it cools your body's thermostat. Our Mint soap is refreshing and stimulating. Aromatherapy for your soul, and tired feet.

                4.5oz $5.85

                Gardener's Healing

                Our soap is made especially for those of us who still like to play in the mud, though it can wreak havoc on our skin. We have added a generous portion of corn meal to help loosen bits of dirt from your hands. A general working-hands soap, our bar can double as a kitchen soap with the light herbal scent of Rosemary and Lemon.

                4.5oz $5.85


                Lavender, Oatmeal & Shea Butter

                Our Lavender bar is wholesome goodness for your skin. With organic rolled oats and Lavender florets, our soap is mild and extremely healing. Lavender oil imported from France imparts the light, delicate scent. Made with Shea Butter for a super moisturizing bar of soap..

                4.5oz $5.85

                Lemon & Calendula

                A ray of sunshine for your shower, our soap is flecked with bright yellow organic Calendula petals that have been infused in Olive oil for deep healing and moisturizing qualities. We have added copious amounts of Sweet Almond oil for an extra emollient bar. Soft, fluffy lather is scented with uplifting citrus essential oils of Bergamot, Lemon and Litsea Cubeba.

                4.5oz $5.85


                Lime Clay Detox

                Generous additions of Sweet Almond oil help protect and nourish, while white kaolin clay helps to draw impurities from your skin. Our Lime Clay soap is imbued with the light, clean scent of lime and lavender essential oils.

                4.5oz $6.25

                Mountain Sage

                The light blend of Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils is a perfect balance of floral and herbal, equally liked by both men and women. Jojoba oil, an emollient plant wax, is readily absorbed by your skin, leaving it soft and nourished after your shower.

                4.5oz $5.85


                Patchouli Rose

                Healing Comfrey Root powder, your skin's best friend, is swirled with purifying Rose clay and superfatted with 25% Shea Butter. A fine blend of Patchouli and Egyptian Rose Geranium lends an earthy, slightly floral scent.

                4.5oz $5.85

                Pure Patchouli

                Dark Patchouli oil from Indonesia, stands on it's own to smooth, clarify and nourish your skin from head to toe. Our bar is swirled a deep purple and green with all natural ingredients. Soak up the earthy aroma and revel in your new found skin!

                4.5oz $5.85


                Rose Clay Facial Bar

                A perfect soap for face and body, our Rose Clay bar helps to firm facial skin while Palmarosa essential oil hydrates and smoothes fine lines. Lightly scented a soft Rose with uplifting notes of Sweet Orange.

                4.5oz $5.85

                Sage & Mint

                Our fresh herbal bar exudes the clean, stimulating aroma of White Sage and Mint essential oils. Hand-gathered White Sage from our mountain home is incorporated and swirled with purifying French Green clay and healing Aloe Vera Juice. Bubbly lather leaves your skin soft and conditioned, never dry.

                4.5oz $5.85


                Sea Rose

                Beauty in a bar of soap! Our soap is enriched with essential nutrients that help repair your skin. Sea kelp, and Geranium essential oil soothe dry, chapped skin. Our essential oil blend is fresh and warm, with a subtle exotic undertone.

                4.5oz $6.25

                Seaweed & Shea Butter

                The ultimate bathing experience, our Seaweed soap nourishes and protects your skin with the addition of rich, emollient Shea Butter and vitamin charged Nori seaweed and sea clay. Warm, spicy essential oils of Spruce, Cinnamon and Patchouli refresh and help repair dry, damaged skin.

                4.5oz $6.25


                Spiced Patchouli

                All for the love of Patchouli. Our very best dark Indonesian Patchouli oil blended with Cinnamon essential oil and ground Cinnamon powder. Swirled to perfection, this connotes the true meaning of a handcrafted soap. Heady. Exotic. Superb.

                4.5oz $5.85

                Tea Tree & Chamomile

                Tea Tree oil, exalted for it's anti-microbial & healing properties, is blended with Geranium & a hint of spice. Fuller's Earth, a natural sedimentary clay, removes oils and toxins from skin. Our soap is beneficial for acne prone or oily skin, but can be used by all skin types.

                4.5oz $5.85

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