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                We are always trying to come up with new products. We hope you will find these as exciting as we do. This batch of ideas has taken a while to get up on the website, but we hope to have more as soon as my poor hublet stops twitching and drooling from working in Dreamweaver.

                Shaving Soap

                Our brand new shaving soap . The soap is Bay Rum scent, with a healthy dose of clay for a slick shave.

                3.5oz $5.00

                Shaving Brush

                Our Boar hair shaving brush. Nice stiff bristles, but works up a great lather. The perfect compliment to our shaving soap.



                Shaving Set

                The soap and brush shaving set. Earthdance Shaving Soap in and a boar hair shaving brush. Ready for your razor and a pefect shave.



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