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                Our fragrant lotion line is created with the finest natural ingredients; pure vegetable oils, nut butters and aromatic cosmetic grade fragrance oils.

                Cucumber & Sweet Almond Lotion

                The crisp green aroma of a freshly sliced cucumber with a hint of almond oil refreshing, revitalizing.

                8oz $12.00

                Julian Apple Pie

                Earth Dance pays homage to our hometown of Julian with this scent, crisp, freshly picked apples, added spice and a touch of cinnamon welcoming the colors of Fall.

                8oz $12.00


                Mountain Lilac

                Bring childhood memories with the heady scent of mountain lilacs in full Spring Bloom.

                8oz $12.00

                Orange Blossom

                Inspired by the Orange Groves of the San Pasquel Valley. The clean scent of the first burst of Summer.

                8oz $12.00


                Summer Peach

                Nothing says Summer like bitting into a fresh peach or enjoying a bowl of peach cobbler, subtle sweet taste of the season.

                8oz $12.00

                Contact Info: info@earthdancesoaps.com 17647 Oak Lane, Julian CA 92036 760-765-2969
                Copyright ? Earth Dance 2016