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                Welcome to Earth Dance!

                Once in awhile I like to mention, whether you are new to the site or one of our faithful followers, what Earth Dance is all about! Founded in 1996, we started as a small handcrafted herbal soap company and our product line steadily grew and expanded to include lotions, emollient creams, liquid soaps/shower gels, body sprays, shaving soaps and more. We create natural bodycare products derived and inspired by plant based ingredients that are absorbed easily and loved by our skin! ( your largest organ ) We’ve had great reviews from our gluten-sensitive friends, we are animal and planet friendly and the scents are outrageous! Incorporated in our products are fragrant essential oils, pure botanic extracts, butters, clays and fresh herbs. Put this all together and the restoration of your skin’s health and well being are inevitable!

                Thanks so much!
                Terri L.Ing

                Copyright ? Earth Dance 2016