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                At Earth Dance, we strive to create the finest natural body and skincare products.

                Founded in 1996, Earth Dance began life as a small handcrafted herbal soap company. Our product line quickly blossomed to include botanical lotions, emollient creams, rich shower gels, and more. Today, we uphold our original mission by creating natural skincare products derived and inspired by plant based ingredients that enhance the look and feel of your skin. Since our inception, we have believed that it is our responsibility to create products in harmony with Nature. We have incorporated organic vegetable oils, herbs, exotic butters and extracts that not only improve the quality of our products, but also decrease the amount of pollutants reintroduced into the environment by their use. By supporting organic farming we are helping to improve the quality of our water, soil and air. The end result is a product that we feel good about creating, and that you can feel good about using. We don't believe in short term gains, we are all in this for the long haul. Earth Dance products contain the finest quality herbs, oils and aromatics.

                From the abundance of nature we have created these simple, yet effective skincare products to naturally soothe and nurture your body & spirit. Fragrant essential oils, pure botanical extracts and fresh herbs restore your skins health and vitality.


                Terri L.Ing


                Contact Info: info@earthdancesoaps.com 17647 Oak Lane, Julian CA 92036 760-765-2969
                Copyright ? Earth Dance 2016