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                Our unique gift sets are perfect for all of your gift giving needs. We include a gift card to your recipient at no extra charge. Please tell us your gift message in the box provided in the shopping cart. We also offer gift certificates in any dollar amount you choose. Please contact us for more information.

                Lather & Lotion Gift Set

                Matching sets of our rich lotion and two of our soaps nestled in a burlap drawstring bag, topped with a satin ribbon & a hangtag. Choose from these popular scents: Lavender set, Geranium set, Patchouli set and Patchouli/Lavender set.


                Select One Lotion & Soap Set


                Double Bar Gift Bag

                Can't decide on just one, choose two bars and double your fun! Offered in a burlap drawstring bag with a ribbon & a hangtag. Choose any two soaps from our entire line.


                Select Two Soap Bars


                Double Bar Soap Dish Set

                Two of our "yummy" soaps sitting happily on a pine soap dish, tied with a satin ribbon & a hangtag. Choose any two soaps from our entire line.


                Select Two Soap Bars

                5 Bar Sampler

                A great way to try a variety of our soaps, 5 one-ounce bars tied with a satin ribbon. These make a great gift too! Choose from our entire line.


                Select Five 1oz Soap Bars


                Sampler Gift Box

                Simple abundance. Ten of our one ounce bars presented in a natural kraft box, tied with French Wired ribbon and a hang tag. Select from our entire soap line.


                Select Ten 1oz Soap Bars

                Earth Dance Duet

                Special soaps at a special price! Choose any two full-size bars from our entire soap line at a discounted price. Choose from our entire line.


                Select Two Soap Bars

                Terra Cotta Foot Scrubber

                Tired of your mundane pumice stone? Try our Terra Cotta Foot Scrubber, the absolute king of all things scrubby for your feet. Handmade from natural, sun-dried terra cotta. Nicely designed to gently rid your feet of unsightly rough, dry calluses. Hint: Place scrubber in your fridge for 20 minutes. Remove and use with our Fresh Garden Mint soap for the ultimate stress relieving experience. Take care of your feet and they'll take care of you!


                Sisal Soap Bag

                Our little soap bag is the perfect fit for our large bars. Woven from Sisal, a natural plant fiber, it gently exfoliates your skin and promotes thick lather. Included with a drawstring cord for hanging to dry between uses.


                Contact Info: info@earthdancesoaps.com 17647 Oak Lane, Julian CA 92036 760-765-2969
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